Interview with Maybelline Broekhuijsen

What means music and composing for you?
''Making music is a manner to express my feelings. I can express my emotions, both in playing the piano as well as in writing poems and in singing.''

How many albums have you made?

''In 2002, my first album was released, in 2003 the second. Together with Thijmen Vonk I made a cd in 2003. The cd is called Visão índigo. We wrote pianosongs apart from each other, but some songs we wrote together. It is a splendid cd with dreamy, enchanting, romantic music.

In 2004, my 3rd cd was released: Da Fonte. And in January 2005 Thijmen and I have made our second cd together: Enclosure. The solo-cd's Beyond the Blue and Nuvens Movimentados followed in 2005 and 2006. ''

What are your plans for now? ''I'm recording a cd in my homestudio filled with songs. Most of them in portuguese, but the album contains also songs in English and French. I write the songs, or I compose songs of my portuguese poems. I also sing the magnificent and sensitive portuguese poems of Miguel da Souza.

You can read the poems with the translation elsewhere on this site. The album will be released in the autumn of 2007.''

What other things do you do in life?

''I have a graphic company (The Touch Paint & Print in Wijk bij Duurstede - Holland), and it comes in very handy that I can design the cover of the cd's myself. I also paint; I make oilpaintings. But in music I can express my feelings better. ''

More paintings:

Do you see similarities between your music and your paintings?
" In my paintings you'll refind the dreamy, somewhat melancholy sphere. The blue-green colours, the sea, the gulls, the feeling there is more than represented.

I love the sea, the space, the freedom, the calm and the sea gulls. I love to be on the border of a country, I also live at the border of a city. I wrote a song about the sea gull, after I saw it fighting the wind. I'll sing it in Portuguese, I find it a particularly beautiful language with splendid consonances. ''